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Why do we use Coast Presidio Surgical Center?

Coast Presidio Surgical Center is IMQ Certified.  IMQ stands for Institute of Medical Quality.  It is a freestanding ambulatory outpatient surgery center in Santa Barbara, which ensures that you receive the highest quality medical care. The IMQ program is officially recognized by the Medical Board of California as an approved accrediting body for outpatient facilities

The surgery center is equipped with two rooms, cleaned twice a day.  Their facility fees include personal scrub tech, recovery RN, circulating RN and all medical supplies.  These components are required to ensure you have the best surgical experience.

We only work with anesthesiologists who are board certified and are licensed Medical Doctors.  All the anesthesiologists we work with are staff members at Cottage Hospital.  We will never cut corners by using an RN Anesthetist, and Dr. Handel would never administer sedation on his own.  This does happen!  Did you know that it is legal in 15 states for nurses to dispense anesthesia without physician supervision?  And California is one of them! 

Patient safety is our #1 priority, and that’s why we only use MD who are board certified in Anesthesiology.  The same concept should be applied when choosing your plastic surgeon.  Did you know that in California all you need is a medical license to perform any type of surgery? There is no legal requirement that doctors performing cosmetic surgery have actually trained in the field or even studied about it at all!

Experience is what makes the difference between good and bad cosmetic surgery.   Dr. Handel went to Yale Medical School, is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (the original medical board with the highest standards.)  These days there are many “knock-off” certifications that untrained doctors use to make their CV look fancy (for example “The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery” and the “American Board of Cosmetic Breast Surgery”). These are known as “bogus boards” because the AMA committee that oversees board certification does not approve them.

Dr. Handel is an Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA Medical School’s Division of Plastic Surgery.  He supervises and teaches young plastic surgeons completing their residencies.

He has written over 60 articles, which were published by the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, specializing in breast augmentation, revision, and how to prevent complications. He just completed writing and editing an advanced medical textbook, which teaches plastic surgeons the lasts special techniques for correction of difficult breast problems.  

Dr. Handel is internationally recognized by his peers, and medical societies around the world such as ASPS – The American Society of Plastic Surgeons invite him to perform live surgery at their conferences year after year.  They acknowledge him as the expert in complex surgical breast cases.

We see hundreds of patients a year been sent by other plastic surgeon’s, asking Dr. Handel to correct something they are reluctant to touch.  Dr. Handel has been able to fix these patients nearly all the time. Read more about Dr.Handel…

Breast surgery is not his only area of expertise.  Dr. Handel is one of Americans most experienced liposuction surgeons. He has been doing liposuction since it was introduced in the US in 1981! Has safely removed unwanted fat in hundred of patients without a single serious complication.  One very common mistake that inexperienced surgeons make, is to remove too much fat from one area.  It happens all the time, and the only way to fix it is to transfer fat from a different area.

Why is Dr. Handel’s technique unique? Dr. Handel uses the PAL Liposuction machine, which stands for Power Assisted Liposuction.  He is the only surgeon in Santa Barbara who uses this technology.  The PAL machine is the only US-patented liposuction instrument that uses a reciprocating motion (rather than a rotating motion) to facilitate the movement of the cannula within the tissue. 

Why is this technology useful? This technique is beneficial because it reduces the amount of manual force and physical effort required to perform liposuction, especially in areas with fibrous tissue. Required to perform liposuction.  The result is more comfortable experience for both the surgeon and the patient, less trauma, less bleeding a more efficient fat removal! Unlike ultrasonic and laser fat removal devices, the PAL System does not use heat, so there are no concerns for accidental burning that occur with other systems. Read more on liposuction…

For more information on Plastic Surgery procedures and Medical Spa treatments performed by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Neal Handel please call (805) 682-9100 or click here to contact us. Office located in Santa Barbara, CA.

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