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Consultations for our Out-of-Town Patients

Cosmetic surgery is a substantial investment of your time and money, and we recognize that out-of-town consultations can present special challenges. So, we have developed a system that adapts to your needs. It would be ideal if you were able to take time from work and other obligations to come and meet us and tour our facility in advance of your surgery. But we realize that isn’t always possible. We want to do what we can to save you the expense and inconvenience of multiple visits.

Special Considerations for our Out-of-Town Patients

Your safety and satisfaction are our primary concerns. If you’re traveling a long distance to see us, there are a few extra precautions that we need to consider. We shall see you in the office a few times in the first week following your healing progress We will give you extensive information regarding postoperative care and we’ll review it with you at each visit to make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re seeing at home every step of the way.

Long car or plane rides of more than several hours are not a good idea in the first week after surgery. Prolonged immobility as well as pressurized air and poor air quality in airplanes can increase the risks of bleeding, infection or clotting problems immediately after surgery.

Long-term follow-up is very important to be absolutely sure that your recovery is on the right track. We would like to keep in touch regularly and have you back for occasional visits up to one year or longer after surgery.

While the idea of surgery away from home can be a little daunting, we want to reassure you that we’ll do all we can to remove the worry and to make you feel like at home.

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