A New Era Of Facial Rejuvenation Is Here!

Lipogems Facial Rejuvenation Fat Transfer Santa Barbara CA Med SpaLipogems® is a revolutionary new rejuvenation procedure designed to improve both the quality and longevity of fat transfer for facial rejuvenation. Lipogems® is a disposable device that filters fatty tissue collected during liposuction or fat harvesting for reinjection into areas that require additional volume. The device processes and filters the fat, producing a remarkably effective product that can restore volume, and improve both tone and texture in the face and hands.

You may be wondering exactly how this differs from more traditional fat grafting techniques. Lipogems® secret is in its amazing filtering process. Lipogems® uses a saline solution with a mechanical system to wash away impurities from the harvested fat. The Lipogem® solution is composed of substances made naturally in your body and does not require the addition of chemicals or enzymes like other fat transfer techniques. All that gets re-injected into your body is your own refined cells. Moreover, since the Lipogems® fat processing technique is performed at the time of extraction, the risk of contamination is low. What all of this translates into is smoother, longer-lasting results that will leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated for years to come.

The first step to any fat grafting procedure is to collect the fat. This can be done either using liposuction to areas of your body where you want to reduce volume or by manual harvesting of fat from a selected donor area. After the fat has been harvested, it is purified with the revolutionary Lipogems® system. Then, the purified fatty tissue is re-injected into areas where volume or fat has been depleted. The entire process can be done in one session and usually takes about 90 minutes. Since the fat processed with Lipogems® flows easily, it causes little discomfort during or after injecting. Some patients may experience some discomfort at the extraction site as well as minimal bruising. Bruising at the actual injection site is uncommon.

Lipogems® is particularly well suited for facial rejuvenation because the purified fatty tissue is rich in vessels that ensure the survival and growth of the fat cells. It is an ideal rejuvenation method for individuals seeking restore lost volume in these areas:

  • Tear troughs
  • Mid-face
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Lips and mouth area
  • Back of the hands

Dr. Neal Handel is a leading plastic surgeon who prides himself in delivering state-of-the-art and revolutionary cosmetic procedures to patients in the Santa Barbara, CA and surrounding areas for nearly four decades. Dr. Handel has extensive experience in fat transfer procedures to the face and body. He strives to keep up with the latest technology to provide his patients with the best possible results. Dr. Handel will help you devise a customized fat transfer plan based on your specific cosmetic desires. He has worked for years to refine his techniques to produce the most natural and beautiful outcomes to suit your aesthetic needs.

Fat Transfer Surgery is performed in Santa Barbara by Dr. Neal Handel, world-renowned cosmetic surgeon.

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