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Capsular Contracture Corrective Breast Surgery

Many women who have had breast augmentation, mastopexy or breast reduction surgery have unsatisfactory outcomes.  Some of the complications that can occur after “failed” breast surgery necessitate secondary / revision surgery.  These types of procedures are Santa Barbara cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Neal Handel’s primary “specialty”, as he has vast experience in breast surgeries for a variety of issues.  Common problems that may occur after breast implant surgery and can be successfully corrected by revision surgery include: removal and replacement of ruptured or leaking breast implants, correction of capsular contracture, correction of waviness, rippling and irregularities of the breasts, and correction of breast asymmetry.  There are other rarer complications, including synmastia and the “double bubble deformity” as well as a variety of different types of implant malposition that can also be effectively treated.

About Capsular Contracture Corrective Breast Surgery

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