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Rhinoplasty with Fillers

Rhinoplasty with Fillers Procedure in Beverly Hills, CANonsurgical Rhinoplasty – In the last several years, new techniques have been developed to alter the contours of the nose without surgery.  New filler materials such as Juvéderm and Radiésse have been introduced.  These filler materials can be used to fill in depressed or concave areas of the nose and to smooth out irregularities.  The popularity of “nonsurgical” rhinoplasty has grown dramatically in recent years. Dr. Handel can actually show you what your nose will look like using a “test demonstration” involving the injection of saline solution (salt water).  This will temporarily improve the contours and show you the actual result that would be achieved with the more permanent filler material (the saline is reabsorbed within a matter of hours). This gives patients an idea of what can be achieved by nonsurgical rhinoplasty.  If patients decide to go forward, the more permanent procedure can be performed under local anesthesia in the office using the newest, most long lasting soft tissue fillers.

Rhinoplasty with Fillers is a non-surgical procedure in Beverly Hills performed by Dr. Neal Handel, cosmetic surgeon.

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