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Chemical Peel in Beverly Hills

Chemical Peel Procedure in Beverly Hills - Dr Neal HandelChemical Peel – A variety of different chemical peels are currently available in Beverly Hills to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.  There is a wide spectrum of skin peels ranging from the mild peels to very aggressive chemical peels.  We offer chemical peels that provide dramatic results but are safe and easy to tolerate. One popular peel offered by Dr. Handel is the Vi (Vitality Institute) Peel.  This peel contains a synergistic blend of ingredients and is suitable for all skin types.  This peel will improve skin tone and texture and will improve the clarity of the skin while reducing or eliminating age spots, freckles and hyperpigmentation.  This peel provides dramatic results with virtually no pain, no pre-peel skin preparation and relatively little down time. The treatment consists of application of the chemical peel by one of our medical assistants at the office (this is completely pain free), and the remaining applications are performed by the patient at home.  The Vi-Peel kit comes with all of the products required to successfully complete the peel, including moisturizer and sunscreen.  The Vi-Peel can be repeated every four to six weeks to achieve more dramatic results. Dr. Handel also offers the TCA (trichloroacetic acid) peel; this is a procedure that is performed by Dr. Handel himself.  To achieve the best results from the TCA peel, it is ideal if the patient can “prepare” the skin for two weeks prior to the treatment.  The preparation of the skin consists of application of Eldoquin Forte (hydroquinone), Retin-A and a steroid.  Prescriptions for these medications will be provided by Dr. Handel.  The topical agents are applied every night at bedtime after the skin is washed.  The TCA peel can be applied either without anesthesia or under general anesthesia.  The peel “burns” when it is applied, so only small areas can be treated without an anesthetic (lower eyelids, the fine lines around the mouth, etc.). If patients require treatment of a greater area (such as the forehead and entire face), it is ideal to perform the peel under sedation administered by an anesthesiologist.  Four different strengths of TCA peels are available varying from 20% up to 35%.  The stronger the percentage, the longer the recovery, but the more dramatic the results.  In most cases, the TCA peel is fully healed by about five to seven days after application.  Patients then need to avoid direct sun exposure for the next several months.  They should apply sun block and wear hats whenever they are exposed to the sun.  TCA peels yield noticeable results with very little risk of complications and relatively little down time.  Dr. Handel and his staff will be happy to explain all facets of the skin peels that are offered by our office.

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