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Dear Doctor,

Thank you for the lovely words you sent me. This morning was the most beautiful morning i had in the past 8 months, rediscovering myself as the “perfect me”. Before the first surgery i was already happy with the way i looked, I was just missing some volume to enhance my natural shape but the complication and the outcome of that surgery left me look at myself as abnormal all of a sudden and it was very difficult to live with the idea that I did it to myself. I carried the weight of my decision for 8 months with tons of regrets and pain and I couldn’t express it to anyone as nobody in my family knew about this surgery. In a 1h30 of revision surgery you offered me back all my self esteem and i feel beautiful. I owe you so much Doctor.

I feel very lucky that I’ve got the chance to be one of your patients, booking an appointment with you was the best decision I made. The funny thing is that I was searching for long for a doctor that could correct me in one time and couldn’t find until 3 weeks ago, I saw a video of you on youtube. I looked at the address and realized that it was in the US then I typed your name in the search and associated “Dubai” to the search and I found out you were coming to the UAE 2 weeks later. I knew it was a sign!All I hoped for long was happening, God was bringing you to me. Even before meeting you I knew I was doing this surgery with you and nobody else.I don’t want to be long repeating how grateful I am…. but I am !

I wish you very safe journey back to America.

Thank you,
Februay 6, 2019

Dear Dr Handel,

Thank you so very much for your time, consideration, expertise and talent during my breast surgery.I am deeply relived to have finally removed the implants (and capsules gone and damage repaired – thanks to you!) I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far and excited to see how things develop as the tissues settle.

It was such a pleasure to meet you. I feel so fortunate that I found you and that you were able to operate on me at such short notice. Thank you so much again for everything! I hope we can stay in touch and I really look forward to seeing you soon in April.

Best regards,
February 7, 2019

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